Frontier Hall

I only lived in Frontier Hall for one quarter. It was a matter of economic necessity. I’d been going to school for six months, and hadn’t yet found a job, so I was rapidly running out of money. Moving into the dorm meant that I could live there for the next three months, continue going to school, and not have to worry about paying for it until I needed to register for classes again the next fall. Crisis averted, or at least postponed.

Since I was moving in during the middle of a school year, I got whatever roommate was available. I ended up with a Tunisian guy. It wasn’t who I would have chosen, and I probably got on his nerves a ton or two, but it worked out okay for me, and his five-times daily prayers were pretty easy to deal with.

This was also the quarter when I got my first car of my own. It was a 1967 Plymouth Fury. That was a bit of a problem. I didn’t have a place to park the car, since I hadn’t been able to sign up for parking at the start of the year. And the neighborhood around the dorms had parking restrictions so you needed a permit to park there. So I ended up parking my car across campus over in Dinkytown and walking back and forth when I needed to drive somewhere.

There wasn’t a whole lot that happened during the quarter, and I didn’t make many friends while living in the dorm. I knew the folks I was going to classes with (my freshman honors calc class had gone from 60 people down to 8, so we were all pretty close), but again, coming into the dorm in mid-year meant the groups were already formed without me.

When the quarter was over, it was time to find an off-campus place to live. I moved into 1129 8th St SE.

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