After I moved out of Cedar Square West, I spent six months house-sitting for a friend who lived in Eagan. The deal was that I would pay part of the rent, and exchange I’d watch his place and get to drive his car while he was out of the country. It sounded like a pretty good deal at the time.

After moving my stuff in, and trying to arrange it around all his things so there would still be enough room to live in the apartment, I was relatively settled. On the first night I was to stay there, some friend of mine threw a party down by the U and I went to that. After dropping a friend who lived in South St. Paul off (it was kinda on the way to Eagan), I headed back to sleep. When I crawled into the waterbed, I was immediately in trouble. I perhaps wasn’t the most sober, but it was downright uncomfortable. Turns out the waterbed temperature was set to 90-something degrees, and I was sweating like a stuck pig. After two or three nights of attempting to go to bed, then turning down the thermostat and sleeping on the couch, I finally just shut it off entirely. That made the waterbed about the right temperature.

The bed wasn’t the only thing in Eagan that caused me problems. First, the apartment building had and underground garage, and no real common areas, so there really wasn’t much meeting the neighbors to be done. The only things within walking distance were the Italian Pie Shoppe, a bar, and an inconvenience store. It was enough to get by, but there really wasn’t anything to keep me around the area, so I spent most of my time either near the U, at work, or sitting at home typing on wintermute.

One nice thing about the location was that the commute was fairly easy. The apartment was just off 35-E, and that road was new enough that it wasn't being heavily used at the time. I could take that to the Short Line and then to Snelling and be at work about as quickly as I'd been able to do from Minneapolis.

But when my six months in the suburbs were up, I was more than happy to move into 717.

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