Free Parking

One of the annoyances of where I live is that we’re just close enough to the University of Minnesota that students coming to school for the day will park here and walk the half-dozen blocks to school. Since we don’t have any off-street parking for the house here, that means parking on the street. It can be a real hassle if I have to run out for a quick errand during the day, as I’ll end up having to park two or three blocks from home if I lose my spot. It’s better during winter, since fewer people are willing to make the walk in the cold, but it can still be a headache.

The most annoying thing about it though are the people who drive their cars here from the suburbs, park in front of my house, then pull a bike out of their car and ride to school. Why is that annoying? Well, just from the people who live on my block, we’ve already got more cars than there are spaces. And if you’re going to be riding a bike anyhow, why not park a block or two farther away where there’s more room, and ride from there instead?

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