Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Center is a suburb of Minneapolis. It's where mom moved with me when she divorced my dad. We actually lived on both sides of the 494/694 loop during the years in Brooklyn Center. That's the major freeway loop around the Twin Cities, and serves as a dividing line of sorts. Where we lived at least, inside the loop meant fairly normal city blocks, with houses and smaller walk-up apartments. Outside the loop meant that the street grid got sparser and there were more large (but still three story walk-up) apartments, often arranged in complexes.

While we lived there, we seldom made it into "The Big City". We'd get into Minneapolis a bit, but only on relatively short errands, and it was always seen as something of a risky undertaking (we were often visiting my mom's aunt, who lived in North Minneapolis, which had some of the same problems then that it does now).

It was a very suburban existence. Good thing I was young enough that I don't remember too much of it.

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