814 - 11th #302

When Scott and I moved in together at 814 11th, we got a pretty nice apartment, especially after living in 727. The only problem was that we both brought along some cockroaches, and that wasn’t a very pleasant thing.

It was while I was at 727 that I had a couple VW Beetles. The first I had bought while at 727 and it moved most of my stuff. But a few months after moving in, it broke in half while I was driving down St. Anthony Parkway. The entire front of the floor-pan cracked all the way across as I was coming down a hill at 25mph, and I got to see the pavement going past in front of my feet. Exciting!

Since I couldn’t afford to get the car fixed, I got it towed back to the apartment parking lot, and started parting it out. I figured I’d find another Beetle and move the good parts (the engine was in great shape, for example) into the new car. I found a 1967 beetle that had a dead engine and bought that. The only problem was that the 67 was a 6V electrical system and had a 1200cc engine. The one I’d pulled from my broken 1974 was a 1600cc engine and had a 12V alternator. But with the help of a cutting torch we made room to shoehorn the bigger engine in. I lost the rear bumper, but bumpers on Beetles didn’t really provide that much protection, so I didn’t think it was a big deal. The electrical system was a little trickier. When I first hooked it up, all the lights were much brighter than usual, and most of them burned out in pretty short order. The radio was really loud, but at least that kept working.

At least once during the year, the caretaker got pretty upset at me with storing the odd car-parts in the apartment, but I did a pretty good job of not getting oil on anything, and got most of my damage deposit back.

The other problem was that the starter didn’t fit exactly. The shaft on the new starter was smaller than the bushing in the transmission that the old starter had fit into. It meant that the starter shaft would rattle around a little, and periodically I’d have to pull the starter, put everything back into alignment and put it back into the car. I got to the point that I could pull the starter, do a minimal rebuild on it, and put it back in within a half-hour.

Come winter things got ugly though. We had a snowstorm that hit one time while my starter needed to be pulled, and I didn’t get a chance to fix it (I didn’t really feel like laying in the snow to work on the car) before the snow emergency meant that my car went away. Boo!

This was also when I met Bill, who now runs my ISP. He was working for DiPallo’s delivering subs, and we were pretty regular customers. It wasn’t until later that I found out he was a MECCie and we had a ton of friends in common.

When it was time to move out (Scott was headed out of state), I moved across the river into Cedar Square West.

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