814 - the first time

This was the first place I lived away from home (other than the dorms at SJP). I lived with a guy named Gregg. It was a nice place, and Gregg had some pretty decent stuff, including the plastic-framed couches that weighed just about nothing. He was dating Alicia at the time, and had a wine-rack in the kitchen and they’d do domestic things sometimes. It was a nice introduction to college life for me, having an older roommate like that.

Gregg bought a car we called “The Pig”. It was a 1969 (?) Ford Ranch Wagon, complete with wood-grain panelling on the sides. It was kinda rusty, but it ran, unlike his 240Z that he was trying to restore in the parking lot.

More than once I borrowed the pig and drove up to SJP to visit folks up there. We discovered things like you can fit 13 kids into the pig, and when you have 13 kids in the pig, don’t drop the pipe on the floor, because people will have to get out of the car for you to find it before it sets something on fire. So this is what “higher education” is all about!

814 was also my first attempted New Year’s Eve date. I picked up a gal I’d known from SJP, and we hung out. But because neither of us was legal drinking age, we pretty much just stayed at my place. When the fireworks started going off, we kissed and then it was time to get in the car for the hour-long drive back to Elk River. Ugh.

But after six months in the splendor of 814, I was starting to run out of money. So I packed up my meager belongings and moved into Frontier Hall.

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