727 15th Ave SE

This was the apartment building I moved into for my (first) sophomore year of college. It was one of a pair of apartment buildings, fairly old and beat up, but there was off-street parking, and it was plenty affordable, since the apartments were mostly efficiencies that shared a bathroom between two apartments.

My apartment wasn’t very big, but there was enough room for the mini-kitchen, the murphy-bed, a couch and a couple bookcases. I didn’t really need much more than that. After the first few weeks I left the murphy-bed down all the time, since it was easier to deal with that way (my dresser was jammed right next to it), and I really didn’t need the extra living-room space unless I was entertaining.

The one real problem with the place was that there were cockroaches. I discovered this shortly after moving in, and as it turns out, had them for the next two moves until I bug-bombed everything I owned and threw out a fair amount of stuff.

Not too long after I moved in, I got a new next-door neighbor, Scott. He was an alright guy and we got along well enough that we usually left the doors to the bathroom ajar so we could borrow the other guys stuff if needed, or just drop in and say hello.

I also got a cat partway through the year. I hadn’t really decided I wanted a pet, but a friend from school (Mike the Chip)’s girlfriend had to get rid of it, and I took mercy on the beast. It only took a few weeks before the cat, Bazaan (which I was told was Indian for “shut up”) discovered the open door between the bathroom and Scott’s apartment, and also discovered that he had left his door open while he was doing some cleaning. The cat boogied, and I never heard about it again. I felt bad for a while, but I hadn’t really gotten along with the cat, and it didn’t really like me, so it didn’t take too long to get over the loss.

At some point during the school year Wendy was running low on money, and my place was turning into a pit. We decided that it would work well for both of us if I paid her a little to clean up periodically. That worked for one cleaning session, but when she told her mom about it, it was decreed that she was not to be some slob’s maid. And here I thought her mom had liked me.

It was while I was living at this place that my fury died. The car was pretty old, and apparently the inside of the gas tank was a little rusty, because I started going through fuel-filters at a pretty good clip, and every time I pulled one off it was full of rust. I bought the first of my VW Beetles (a 1974 SuperBeetle) and started driving that. Between the two cars, I was out working on them in the parking lot on a pretty regular basis, and got to know a gal in the building who had an RX-4 (?). We’d talk cars and share tools now and again, but nothing really came of it.

Another first at 727 was the first computer that I had at home. I was borrowing a Stearns PC from work and had it set up. I even had a modem for a while, but didn’t really get into the BBS scene yet.

Eventually Scott and I decided that it would be cheaper (and a lot nicer) for us to share a two-bedroom apartment than to have two separate efficiencies, so we moved in together at 814-11th #302.

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