717 - Before I moved in

I remember a few scenes from the year that Tom, Doug and Bob lived in 717. There were occasional parties. They usually involved lots of beer, and more gals than we ever mustered. Guess that's not surprising, since Bob, Karl and I were all Physics students.

But Tom's parties (he was the ringleader) also meant Mongo. I don't remember Mongo's real name. Heck, I don't remember if I ever even heard it. But Mongo was big, and when loaded up on beer, not the brightest bulb on the tree. Bob told me once how Mongo had climbed onto the radiator in the living room and swan-dived onto one of the couches. More than once. It gave me some insight into why the furniture was in such rough shape.

Also, apparently at one of the parties, Tom picked up the partially empty keg (an 8-gallon one) and had run around the house with it, hosing down the gals in an impromptu wet T-shirt contest. Apparently it was a hit, but I'd either missed that party or had already left for the evening.

Again, this little flash from the past went a long way to explaining things. The living room carpet had been there forever, and had soaked up so much beer over the years that it was completely trashed. That was fine for quite a while with us, since we were hosting parties where a fair amount of beer-swilling (and spilling) went on, too. But eventually it had to go, and that was when the place started to get cleaned up. It's also about when I went crazy and bought the nice oriental rug.

Doug (the original, Beware of Doug model), on the other hand, wasn't so much of a party-guy. I think he was there, but he didn't make an impression. A bigger impression came from the mornings after, when Doug would invariably come out of his room with a gal nobody had ever seen before (or again). Apparently his technique was to go into a bar and ask gals if they wanted to come home for sex. Eventually one would say yes and his quest for the evening was done.

There was also another roommate who was there after Tom and Doug left, when Bob and Karl were living at 717. I don't remember his name, but he was the guy who bought the REO Speedwagon and parked it in the driveway. I don't think it actually ran. He was enough of a problem that he got evicted, at which point I moved in.

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