1129 - 8th St SE

I moved into 1129 after leaving the dorms and needing a place to stay for the summer. Tom and Don (?) were living there, and they needed a couple roommates over the summer. It seemed okay to me, sinced they said that if things worked out there might be an opening in the fall, but if not, it was only three months to worry about.

Neither of them were very studious types. Tom wanted to grow up to be a forest ranger, mostly so he’d have a chance to live in a state or federal forest and set up his own fields of marijuana. For him, it seemed like a pretty good plan.

One of the few problems I noticed immediately was The Load. She was a cat who hung out at the house, and apparently been there through a few different sets of roommates. The bathroom window didn’t close tight, and there were some pretty big holes in the screen, so she used that as her way in and out and pretty much came and left whenever she wanted. The problem was that I’m allergic to cats, and cats seem to sense that. As soon as I started moving stuff in, she decided that my pillow was the place she was going to sleep whenever possible.

The other guy who moved in at the same time I did was Roger. He was an EE student at the U, and was pretty serious about it. He eventually ended up moving on to Cray, where he was working on developing 3-D semiconductors (all the better to pack more density into the chips - cooling them was someone else’s problem). Roger was dating Robin, who turned out to know some of the same folks I did, so even though I had three new roommates, I didn’t really expand my social circle much.

Anyway, Roger and I were on the lower floor of the two-level apartment we had. The other guys were upstairs. The kitchen, bathroom and living room were on our floor, so it was a little noisier around where we were. I’d also started at Control Data by this time, so it wasn’t too much of a problem, except when there would be a party going in the living room that went late and kept me up so I couldn’t get to work in the morning. But it wasn’t really that big of a problem, since I had flex-time at work.

This was also the first place where I really had people from high school coming down to visit me. A number of my friends who were a year younger than me had recently graduated, and those who were going to attend the U of M would stop in to talk about the neighborhood or just hang out. Since I wouldn’t turn 19 until just before school started in the fall, we didn’t have a lot of big blow-out parties, but there was a time or two when we’d set up the grill in the side yard and have a beer or two. It was at one of these gatherings where Dina (who’d been a freshman my senior year of high school) met Mike, who was the same age as me. They later ended up getting married and moving to Guantanamo where he was stationed in the Navy.

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful summer. There was one night when Wendy (who’d dated my roommate during high school) came down and we were going to go to a movie. But we smoked a joint in the car before the movie and got way too high and ended up just coming home and laying around. Oops.

When the school year was about to start, it was time to move out, and I moved to 727 15th Ave SE.

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