About the Blogroll

I’ve tried a handful of different automated solutions to keep the blogroll over there on the right. None of it seems to work, so I’m back to doing it manually at the moment. The biggest problem were all the blogs that didn’t ping weblogs.com, so they would look like they were never updated. Oh well, it was an almost year-long experiment this most recent time.

In any case, I’m back to updating it by hand, but one of the things I’m going to try and add is a short description to each of ’em. It’ll be one of those things where you hover over the link and you’ll get some extra descriptive text. Maybe you’ll find it useful. It ain’t going to be as pretty as Monica’s solution, but I don’t think I have room for that kind of thing, either.

The divisions should be fairly self-explanatory. The lenght of the morning list of blogs explains why I spend two to three hours every morning gathering material for here. Tack in a few from the “Frequent” list and some time in the evening reading the evening ones, and that’s a lot of time online.

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